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Ferrets are sometimes picky eaters so you have to make sure your pet is getting all the nutrition he needs. A high protein diet, combined with various treats and a vitamin supplement will make your ferret a happy and healthy pet. Below are various foods that you can feed your companion.

Ferrets are carnivores and therefor require a diet that is high in protein. There are many commercial pet foods available designed specifically for ferrets.

You can find dry food and moist canned food chock full of the protein he needs. Dry food is crunchy and helps your pet’s gums and teeth and will be his primary diet. Moist ferret food can help with hairballs, but should only be given occasionally.

Ferrets can sometimes be picky eaters. Mixing multiple foods together can often solve this problem and may get him to like all the different types. Plus, having various types of food your pet enjoys makes sure you can always find something he will eat. You don’t want him to go hungry because a store was out of his favorite pet food and he won’t eat a different brand.

Ferrets have small digestive tracts and therefor eat frequent small meals every few hours. In order to fulfill these frequent meals, dry food should be available at all times.

Ferrets also drink when they eat, so water should always be available. Keeping the food and stoppered water bottle close together will make your furry friend happy.

Variety is the spice of life and this applies to your ferret as well. There are lots of different commercial pet treats available that he will greatly enjoy. You can also give cooked boneless chicken and meats as treats as well as meaty baby food. Chocolate, dairy products, sugary and salty foods should be avoided.

Vitamin supplements make a great addition to a ferret’s diet. Even though a well balanced diet should have everything he needs, you never know what exactly he is eating.

If you have an overly picky pet, he could just be eating his favorite pieces of food and missing out on important nutrients. A supplement makes sure your pet gets all the important vitamins and nutrients.

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