Care Sheet

What do I need?
Once you have decided to get an adorable ferret you should have everything he needs before bringing him into your home. Having everything ready makes the transition as stress free as possible. The care sheet below lists all the items needed for your new pet.

Your pet will need a cage at least 36″ x 24″ x 24″. This is the minimum size necessary but you should get as big a cage as possible. Ferrets are active and while in the cage you want your pet to have lots of room to play. There are many different types of ferret cages available that offer lots of room to move around.

Soft rugs, carpet or blanket for bedding on the bottom of the cage.

A heavy ceramic food bowl or a bowl that can’t be easily tipped or chewed.

A stoppered water bottle that attaches to the side of the cage.

A sleep area like a hammock, sleep sack or soft tunnel.

Lots of toys to keep your pet entertained while in his cage.

A litter box with a high and low end filled with your preferred type of litter. Litter made from recycled paper is a clean, safe choice.

Food, Treats & Supplements
Dry ferret food that is high in protein should be your pets primary diet. Moist canned food can also be substituted occasionally. There are a variety of commercial pet foods available.

An assortment of treats to add some variety to your pets diet.

Vitamin supplements to ensure your ferret is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Ferret shampoo and conditioner to keep your pets coat clean, healthy, and odor free.

Since your companion will need time outside of his cage, you want to make sure your home is safe for him to run around and explore. Watch for rubber and latex items, sponges, and cleaning supplies. Baby locks are a good way to keep a ferret away from harmful items he may try to eat.

A ferret collar or harness with a small bell attached. Ferrets are sneaky and a bell can make them easier to find.

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