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A ferret’s home is more than just his cage. He needs to be able to run around a house for many hours per day. Keeping a ferret exclusively in a cage will make him unhappy and unhealthy.

His home needs to be safe, secure, roomy, and entertaining. Making sure you have everything he needs will make sure you have a great companion.

A ferret cage is where your pet will spend a good part of his day. You want to get the biggest cage possible so there is plenty of room for sleeping, playing, and a litter box.

The cage should be at least 36″ x 24″ x 24″, but the bigger the cage the happier your furry friend will be. There are many commercial ferret cages available and the best ones have multiple levels with lots of room to climb and play.

Ferrets tend slide on plastic or metal flooring so a piece of carpet cut to the size of the cage floor will prevent slipping. You should never have a cage with wire mesh flooring. It can be uncomfortable for your pet and could cause foot injuries.

The cage should also have secure latches. Ferrets are very inquisitive and notorious for finding ways to open cages and escape.

They are social animals and enjoy being in the center of family activities so place the cage in a central location. Keep the cage away from heat sources, avoid drafts, air conditioner vents and units, direct sunlight and open windows. Ferrets do not handle excessive heat or very cold well. A good rule of thumb is if an area us unpleasant for you, it is probably not pleasant for your pet.

A soft piece of carpet or rug can be used as bedding for the cage. Towels, blankets, or clothing can also be used as bedding for your ferret to sleep on. Be sure to remove all buttons or anything else attached to a piece of clothing. You don’t want him eating something that will make him sick.

Litter Box
The cage needs a litter box at all times. A box with a high end and low end works best with ferrets since it helps prevent bathroom accidents. Any type of commercial litter will work, but litter made from recycled paper is safe, clean, and good at absorbing odors.

Food & Water
Ferrets will play with food and water dishes making a mess in the cage. A stoppered water bottle that attaches to the side of the cage is a good way to prevent spills. A heavy ceramic bowl or a bowl that attaches to the side of the cage works well for food and helps prevent dumping. Be sure to keep the food and water close together since ferrets like to drink when they eat.

Sleep Area
Ferrets love cozy places to sleep. Hammocks are great, so are cloth tunnels and sleep sacks. There are a variety of different sleeping accessories available at pet stores.

Lots and lots of toys are needed to keep ferrets entertained since they have short attention spans. There are lots of ferret toys available so keeping your pet happy is easy. They like tunnels, chew bones, ping pong balls, playhouses, tents, and lots of other toys that will keep them from getting bored.

Your Home
Your ferret should be out of his cage as much as possible. It is unhealthy for him to be kept exclusively in a cage. Since your pet will be running, jumping, and exploring around your home, you want to make sure it is safe.

You will want to make sure harmful items are out of reach or unobtainable. These items can include sponges, latex, rubber, cleaning supplies, pesticides and other toxic items. Keeping these items in a cupboard isn’t always good enough since ferrets are crafty critters and get into places you would never expect. Baby locks are a great way to keep your pet out of a place he isn’t supposed to be.

A ferret collar or harness with a bell added will be huge help when trying to find your companion. Your ferret can be quick, quiet, and sneaky. Having a collar with a bell makes him much easier to hear and track down.

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