Ferrets are cute, active, playful and entertaining animals. Although very active, they do sleep a lot, as much as 16 hours a day.

Males are larger than females and ferrets are usually 3 to 4 pounds but larger ones can be as heavy as 6 pounds. Many have dark brown fur but they can also be black, gray, tan, or even albino. The average life span is around 7 years although they can live longer.

Ferrets naturally have a strong body odor. The odor is caused by hormone production and anal scent glands. The strong smell from the scent glands is used as a defense mechanism.

Fortunately, pet ferrets do not suffer from these unpleasant odors when they have been spayed or neutered and the scent glands removed. Any lingering odor can be taken care of with regular baths. Most ferrets sold in the United States have already been descented.

Ferrets As Pets
Ferrets make good pets and are happy living alone or with another ferret. They are social animals and often like meeting new people. They are fun, playful, and active.

Much like dogs and cats, they will need annual visits to a veterinarian for vaccinations. They also require regular baths and grooming. Ferrets can even be taught to walk on a leash and can be litter trained.

Ferrets are not pets that can be caged all the time like gerbils, hamsters and mice. Although they can spend a lot of time in a cage, they need the freedom to run, jump, and explore your home everyday. A ferret that is kept exclusively in a cage may become a very unhealthy pet.

Even though most are quite friendly, they are not recommended for young children. If handled roughly, it is possible for a ferret to bite or scratch when frightened by a child’s overzealous affection.


Care Sheet
Information on the supplies necessary to care for your companion.

Food and Diet
The food necessary for a healthy diet.

Habitat and Cages
Everything you need for his home as well as how to keep him safe.

Breeding and Babies
A guide to sexing, breeding, and caring for baby ferrets.

Health and Illness
Common health problems and that could affect your pet.

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